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Stainless Steel Railing On The Road Guardrail Design And Functional Requirements

The mature application of the stainless steel railings, reflected in all aspects of life. Stainless steel balcony railing in stainless steel railings adept application example, limited these days stainless steel railing on the balcony railing to balcony railings and stair Rails, roads are also common stainless steel road barrier.

Road barrier design requirements
 1, all pipes are double hot-dipped galvanized steel, surface made by polyester color powder electrostatic spraying, color to white, and guardrails for the welding, Rails welding with column type;
 2, column: 80x80 hot dip galvanized square steel column caps with metal stampings;
 3, on horizontal tube: 55*40 hot-dip galvanizing tube, welded flat;
 The cross pipe: 55*30 hot-dip galvanizing tube, welded flat;
 4, vertical bars: 50*30mm hot-dip galvanizing plum tube, each guard rail vertical bars 12, spacing between vertical bars 180
 5, the base 400*300*150 cement base