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Stainless Steel Railing Maintenance Tips

Most modern stair railing, balcony railing made of stainless steel production. Durability became the main factors of consumer choice of stainless steel railings. Corrosion resistance of stainless steel railing is strong, not easy to rust, but if not maintained for a long time, stainless steel railings will also be rusted. In order to improve the life of stainless steel rails, small stainless steel rail maintenance tips offers something for everyone.
 A ... careful not to scratch the surface. Do not use rough and aggressive materials to clean the stainless steel surface, especially the mirror, use a soft, easy to fall off the cloth to scrub, sand steel and brushed surface, along the lines to clean, otherwise it is easy to spend.

B. avoid the use of bleach composition and abrasive cleaning liquid, such as steel wool, abrasive tools, in order to avoid residue washing liquid, corrosion on stainless steel surface, wash to wash the surface with clean water at the end.

C. stainless steel guard rail surface dust and is easy to get rid of the dirt, SOAP, weak detergent to wash, Binder composition, use of alcohol or organic solvent.

Stainless steel surface of the pile of grease, oil, oil pollution, clean with soft cloth and later with neutral detergent or ammonia solution or with a special detergent.

Stainless steel surfaces with bleach and various acid attachments, immediately wash with water and neutral soda carbonate solution leaching of ammonia solution or wash, wash with neutral detergent or water.

Rainbow stripes on the surface of stainless steel piles are caused by using too much detergent or oil, washing can be washed with warm water and neutral detergent.

Rust protection due to pile dirt on the surface of stainless steel, available 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent cleaning, you can also use special wash drug wash. If we use the correct maintenance methods, you can extend the life of stainless steel to maintain its clean, bright and flamboyant style.