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Stainless Steel Balcony Parapet Glass Is A Single Or A Double?

Stainless steel balcony parapet glass is a single or a double? It is now very much the owners mentioned at home improvement problems. To this end, we consulted the railing has 20 years experience in design and production of Di Musi hardware products co fence design engineer, gave the following answer:

No double glass balcony railings request, but must be not less than 6mm (thickness and area of, an area of greater thickness thicker) safety glass
 If the outdoor floor glass height greater than 5 m, you must also use laminated glass (is a kind of safety glass, consisting of two layers of glass with a layer of rubber between the safety glass, the glass destruction will not fall off when you hit a pedestrian)
 In addition to the glass, there is a structure of metal and other components, were required to meet the strength requirements. Finally, glass and other components require sufficient strength, if it is connected with a structural adhesive, at present is generally imported adhesives.
 Buildings need to glass safety glass must be used as a building material of the following parts:
 (A) 7 floors and 7-storey buildings outside the window;
 (B) the area greater than 1.5m2 window glass or glass-bottom off the final decoration surface is less than 500mm Windows;
 (C) the facades (glass screen);
 (D) Windows that tilt Assembly, various types of ceiling (including skylights, roof), ceiling;
 (E) the panoramic elevator and its periphery;
 (F) indoor partitions, shower enclosure and screens;
 (VII) stairs, balconies, terrace balustrade and barrier within the atrium of the corridor;
 (H) the ground sheet for bear's walk;
 (I) the Aquarium viewing window and a swimming pool, observation holes;
 (J) the public entrance, Hall and other parts of the building;
 (11) vulnerable to impact, the impact caused harm to other parts of the.